I use to love Rainbow Brite when I was younger. I was one of those kids who loved unicorns, sparkly things, outer space, and of course rainbows, all things that Rainbow Brite liked. I also liked to bring home interesting stuff that I found on the side of the road and eat random flowers, but we wont talk about that.(sorry mom) So when I saw this rainbow scarf at a market in Duabi I knew I had to create a magical outfit of rainbownesss and sparkly jewelry around it.

So I loved this outfit so much I actually wore it in three different countries (UAE, India, USA) including my hometown of NYC today! I ended up pairing the outfit with a sparkly flower brooch and 14kt opal and 14kt topaz ring. In the photos you will noticed that I accessorized differently in each country. In India I opted for a simple rustic gold tone circle necklace to complement the circles in the scarf. In UAE I ended up stacking 14kt gold necklaces because its the UAE and everyone is pimped out in gold there. The top is from forever 21 and the pants are from Koton.

New York


(top most photo is in Dubai)

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13 Responses to “I looked like rainbow brite in three countries using one outfit! YOLO!”

    • artadorned

      Haha yes me to! Whenever I see unicorn jewelry I am always tempted to buy!