When I saw this dress at Alice + Olivia a few weeks back I was in love. It had a rich blue background highlighted by sparkly zebras with tassel manes that moved, I had to have it! I love fashion that inspire imagination and conversation, especially conversation with the opposite sex. A gentleman came up to me while wearing this dress today and asked me on a date, and as any of my single new yorker ladies will attest to, its very difficult to date in this city, so yea! I digress however from more important matters, namely what jewelry is best worn with this dress.

I bought a rose gold and white tassel bracelet from Henry Bendel (its called the East Hampton Fringe Cuff) a couple weeks ago and still have not quite sorted out an outfit for it. After buying this dress I really regretted not getting the black and gold version of it, since this dress has a tassel mane, a tassel bracelet would have good a been pairing. Unfortunately though the rose gold looked a little off with the outfit 🙁 Oh well when life gives you lemons make lemonade or in this case orange juice! I ended up choosing all orange jewelry to wear with this dress as I thought the blue and orange would be a nice color pop.

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