Even though I was wearing a long sleeve shirt (New Yorker problems, it’s still cold here) yesterday the summer season is officially here, so rejoice! Its time to break out our bathing suits, run wild and free on Coney island, have froyo with more toppings than yogurt, take a bike ride on Governors Island, and more importantly bring out the summer bling. I love summer for all of these reasons but also because it was in the summer 15 years ago that I began my journey as a jewelry collector. (It has now become a full blown obsession of course. )

Having been a collector of jewelry for most of my life I only had one criterion when buying jewelry. The design of the piece must be original; the design trumps all other factors when making a purchase. Materials, stones, fine, silver, costume none of those terms mattered to me nor do they matter to me now, its all about the design!(overall quality and craftsmanship to me is a part of design) I get just as excited by an abstract Lucite piece that I found at a flea market as I might get from a high jewelry piece from JAR, Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels. Also from a practical standpoint some designs are impossible to create in only fine materials which is why I wear other materials.

So below you will find my top 10 must haves for summer jewelry. I have included pieces based on design, so you will find fine jewelry mixed with costume and silver. I hope you enjoy the pieces I curated for you! (Crazy captions are all my own, sorry guys I love to make up stories.)

Fine Jewelry

Andrea Fohrman
For the midsummer night dreams we have, looking up at the stars, our lovers held tight in our arms.

Temple St.Clair
They say you find gold at the end of every rainbow I think this pendant reaffirms my beliefs.

Gemme Couture


More is more and less is a bore so stack till you buy out the whole store.

Stephen Webster
Follow the rainbow lit road who knows where it will go!

EF Collection
A little ear climb to help you rise above the summer heat.

Silver Jewelry

Wendy Brandes
Its the summertime so lets party, give me a martini, spf of -5, and some cheetos, IDGAF and you shouldn’t either.

Alexis Bittar
Ice princesses take note, a little icy blue to help you cool the summers heat.

Costume Jewelry

CC skye
I’m just a feather in the wind sprinkling magical rainbow dust on all that I touch.

We Are All Smith
In case you get shipwrecked you can thank me for letting you know about this compass necklace.

Henri Bendel
White leather and rose gold a perfect blend of edgy and sophisticated.

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