I spent my morning around Oscar the Grouch and his dumpster today, a lovely fellow he is. He kept insisting that I stay with him till the evening to meet some guy named Godot.Apparently Oscar waits for him every evening but he never shows up, no wonder hes grouchy! However I was meeting friends for brunch so that wasn’t happening. My afternoon plans were already set; brunch with friends, cure last nights hangover with a vodka soda, eat chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and then run around central park playing tag.

Instead I bored him talking about my jewelry of the day like I am about to do to you! hehe just kidding or at least I hope?! Today’s jewelry ensemble consisted of an incredible 1930s Czechoslovakian necklace, African hand beaded leather bangles, and a beautiful sterling silver with gold overlay ring with crystal. I know it seems eclectic but I think the pieces all came together in the end. The shirt was from Forever 21 and the shorts from Global Desi.

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