Being surrounded by palm trees and jungly plants (still on vacation in Miami) has gotten me feeling adventurous. Inspired by the lush tropical scenery I wanted my outfit to channel my inner Indiana Jones.

I decided to combine jewelry from all over the world: Egyptian revival rings, a sterling snake bracelet, and an old brass Chinese zodiac necklace. My jewelry certainly helped me to feel as though as I was on an ancient adventure with Indy.

Looking down at my rings I imagined myself exploring the Andes, swinging over cliffs with bits of rope, running away from a monkey mob, sliding down a mud tunnel, and lastly maneuvering through a cryptic cave. It was all worth it in the end however as I swoop up my ancient artifact, preferably a wearable artifact and place it into my jewelry collection, errr I mean museum of course. Hehe Sorry I might have a bit of an overactive imagination but I hope you enjoy my forest outfit!

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