After the weather gods decided to plunge us in temperatures in the 60s (It’s JUNE!) I retaliated by booking a trip to Miami with friends. Yes, I understand Mr. Groundhog decided there would be 6 more weeks of winter but its June. So Mr. Groundhog, weather gods, controller of the universe, whoever is in charge, please stop the torture and bring us warm weather! Also I just bought these new jewelry pieces so I need to save some money and sweaters are more expensive than shirts to wash.

Being in warm weather sometimes it can be a little difficult to wear heavy jewelry so when its hot out I try wear necklaces that are made from light materials such as fabric, plastic, or wood. This yarn necklace I found at a cute little market in the city and the rings I found at an antique shop. I wanted to create a whimsical, floral look around the jewelry and this is what I ended up with! Let me know your thoughts : )


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