When I enter most boutiques, my heart drops when I look at the jewelry selection. Boutique after boutique it’s all the same style and concept. Dainty plain rings for stacking, a little stone dangling off a plain chain, formless or poorly made charms, big rhinestone statement necklaces that fall apart after 2 wears.

Big companies creating these jewelry designs are thinking for profit only. The question at the forefront of their mind is, “whats the cheapest thing I can make, that will sell quickly?” They are not trying to push boundaries, just merchandise.

Good jewelry design comes from the soul not the mind. A well made piece of jewelry will make you feel something inside. A handmade piece of jewelry is not just an object but a living token of passion, imagination, & energy. For this weeks #sundaysilver I have scouted Etsy for designs that made me feel something through the haze of my computer screen. I hope you enjoy the beautiful works of art!

Jewels For Mermaids

Handmade in Australia, Emgees magical creations will transport you to an underwater oasis, where a sirens song tantalizes your ear, as you explore unchartered kelp forests. Each piece is beautifully designed with attention paid to every detail, from the patina of the metal to the curve of a shell.

mermaidjewelry mermaidjewelry-copy

Ayaka Nishi
The Bold Nature Lover

A Japanese designer based in New York, Ayaka makes nature larger than life, in the most whimsical ways. Weaving spider web cuffs on your arm and creating fish scale armor to protect you from what goes bump in the forest night, she truly is an artist.

spiderjewelryhandmade hugestatementjewelryhandmade

Nikki Smith
Fantastical Architecture

Another wonderful designer from Australia is Nikki Smith, who creates whimsical landscapes to sit atop your fingers. From adorable little hobbit houses & modernist castles, they are wonderful miniatures in wearable architecture.

gnomefairyhousejewelry citadelringjewelry

Link Wachler
Sleepy Animals

The cutest animals come to life in Link Wachlers jewelry. Perhaps what is most enjoyable about this collection is the tension created by making adorable animals look very sleepy and lethargic.

whimsicalbirdhandmadejewelry junglejewelry

Weisha Liu
The Statement Modernist

Based in NY & Beijing this very tiny etsy shop by Designer Weisha Liu, is still a must browse. She has only listed one zodiac pendant for sale, but her novel idea of combining both her daughters & hers zodiac into one necklace & the beauty of the pendants form got her a place on this list. I do hope she expands on the concept.

zodaicjewelry sterlingsilverstatementring

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