OMG It’s already October!

You have heard the old adage actions speak louder than words, but I bet you have never heard the saying “jewelry speaks louder than words?” Probably because I just made it up now.But seriously how many times have you walked by the lady decked out in Chanel pearls on 5th avenue thinking, that lady is fierce I hope I grow up to be her? At least 3 times, right? And she didn’t speak a word.

You could get all philosophical on me now and say oh but putting jewelry on is an action but this is a fashion blog, no philosophy allowed except after a really Big Party. Alas…I digress from the point of this post which is you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to make a statement with your jewelry. Now let me introduce you to the incredible Wendy Brandes whose jewelry quite literally speaks for you.

Wendy Brandes sterling silver swear rings emoji












Wave your hand and smile at the evil male leg spreader across from you on the subway! For added effect make a closing leg motion, wave your hand and then point at him.













When your friends ask about your relationship with the guy you have been seeing for 8 months. Well its like this when we are together !! and this ?? when we are apart. So uh yeah…












Yeah I LITERALLY pay 1500 a month to live in a room with no windows, but I live in the West Village!













GTFOH with your two kids, smiling 6 figure salary husband, and house in the burbs, this is NYC I don’t need to grow up, I’ll just magically transform into a catlady or an UES matron who only wears Chanel. ( Please God let it be the latter.)













Yeah its 2am on wed, I just got off work, and am about to eat two slices of pizza, an insomnia cookie, and about to down a bottle of wine with my 27 year old roommate who has been an non paying intern at a fashion house for two years. TWO YEARS! IDGAF!














And these because they are bunnies, and bunnies are cute and well sometimes I want to cuddle a bunny but I’ll settle on these earrings because a bunny cage is really big and there are only dog parks no bunny parks in the city.