Nothing is more sacred to a Parisian than a baguette (well except maybe their Chanel boybag). Parisian love their baguettes so much they even have laws around them, the Bread Decree of 1993 states; baguettes must be made and sold at the same location, cannot be frozen, and may contain only flour, water, yeast, and salt. Despite the draconian nature of the laws at least they make sense. Our favorite state of Texas has surprisingly less useful laws such as; “needing to ask your neighbors permission before eating their garbage, or “its illegal to litter with the intention of flirting.”

With baguettes having such cultural importance I felt in order to truly understand Parisians life & culture I needed to spend some time with this national symbol. So I ordered some baguettes and waited by the Eiffel Tower for them to arrive.

Here I wait for my second love of carbs in baguette form. One guess to my first love guys. (Hint, It’s shiny and wearable)

Ahh oui oui! My Baguette or er Baguettes rather have arrived.

Oh my these smell delicious, no wonder the French gobble these up daily.

You guys thought I would just be walking around with one baguette. I am an American, Its go big or go home!

Viva la France! I am in front of the most visited cultural monument in the world and all I can think about is eating a baguette. Don’t judge me!

What do you guys think of a baguette art frame, this is the age of contemporary art anything is possible, no? (yes guys I am aware the frame is not proper, we were a little high on carbs at this point.)

In utter bliss surrounded by two of my favorite things, Chanel high jewelry & carbs!

Of course in Paris, street buskers are actually a mini string quartet playing vivaldi. I erected a mini Eiffel tower in honor of their beautiful music.

No trip to paris is complete without a little duel. Enguard!

I came, I saw, I conquered, Now I’m going on a Parisian Bike Ride.

We couldn’t let all the baguettes go to waste so we handed them out to homeless people and feed the remainder to pigeons. Sorry Parisians I know you like your pigeons as much as the average New Yorker does. Hope your not too mad at me for feeding 500 pigeons. Disclaimer: I actually like pigeons I had a pet pigeon named Snowy when I was younger.

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105 Responses to “A Baguette(s) In Paris: A Tale of Carbs & Chanel”

  1. Missy May

    I was about to say, stop wasting the baguettes until I got to the last sentences. Lol!! Well done!
    I love baguettes, but I find them too chewy. Ha!!
    Welcome back and you look so pretty. πŸ™‚

  2. Gabrielle

    Oh my gosh, these are such lovely images; adore your outfit – that red beret is everything! I’m super glad to hear you gave the baguettes to homeless people and pigeons afterwards as well, such a kind thought πŸ™‚

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  3. Romantiquely

    Yay for baguettes and Chanel boybags (dreaming of one right now hehe) Obsessed with that Eiffel tower made of baguettes, such a creative little idea! These photos put a huge smile on my face, so glad that you two had a wonderful time in Paris! xxxxx

  4. sonia // daring coco

    I love pigeons too! And I did the very same thing at the Louvre hehehe! I really love that law about their bread, it means it’s free from preservatives and such and it also means you only buy what you actually need for the day rather than buying 100 loaves and freezing them. I also love that you handed those baguettes out to the homeless. So much respect and awe for you missy.


  5. Leta

    I would lie if I said that I haven’t smiled at least once while reading this post, haha. Loved this! Baguettes are amazing and your pictures are hilarious (in a good way) πŸ™‚

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  6. Malwina β™₯

    Wow ! Your post and photos is wonderfull ! *-*
    I have a request of that clicking in the most recent entry (dresslink) ? πŸ™‚ I will be very grateful πŸ™‚
    Best, Malwina

  7. Karen

    Your pictures are so fun, I love to see a ton of personality in blog pics. Haha carbs and Chanel what an alliteration. How on earth did you finish off all those baguettes is my question and I love your beret, so very French!
    Have a cosy weekend πŸ™‚

    • artadorned

      Hi Karen, Haha we ended up giving them to homeless people and the ones we used in the shoot we feed to pigeons.

  8. Dana

    Mmm – I can almost smell the bread from here! I don’t think I could have stood in the middle of all those pigeons and smiled, but you look adorable.

  9. Caroline Jones

    Such a cutie! I’m adoring the outfit, love the hat and love that skirt. What a sense of style! This is inspiring.