Hello Friends:) Hope you all have been well. Sorry for the delay in between postings but I have been so busy with my businesses that I have neglected my blog! I’ve cut back significantly on my work load by restructuring my businesses, so get ready to see lots of shiny objects on the blog!

Anywhoo back to more important things such as this blog post about an amazing turquoise jewelry store I visited while on a business trip to Paris!

lions tigers and bears oh my

I think my expression from the above photograph sums up the excitement I felt when I entered Harpo Paris. To say I loved everything in the store would be an understatement. The entire walk to the store I was dreaming about turquoise, causing me to walk three blocks too far. Which reminds me of some rather poignant John Lennon lyrics, “you say I am dreamer, but I am not the only one.” We are all turquoise dreamers after all:)

huge squashblossom necklace native american

I spent an entire morning in the store peeking in all the corners and crevices, all while adorning myself in turquoise masterpieces from bygone years. I particularly liked this squash blossom necklace with spiny oyster. The Zuni bird rings were absolutely amazing. The inlay work and overall craftsmanship of them was wonderful!

<my true west vintage store paris

While wandering around the store I stumbled into a back room with the most enchanting lighting, it really set the mood of the store. Having just been to Gallup,New Mexico (a turquoise meca) a couple months ago I really felt that this room captured the spirit of the old west.
native american zuni cuff

I was hoping I could fly away with this Navajo butterfly cuff and impeccably executed petite point Zuni cuff but instead I found myself, leaning against an old leather saddle recounting my horseback riding days while simultaneously wondering if I could justify buying these?

nativer american navajo turquoise bracelets

If you have any doubt as to whether or not this store is the stuff that jewelry dreams are made from, I leave you this photo. Until next time my darlings. Hope that this post has satisfied your turquoise tequila cravings for now:)

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30 Responses to “Turquoise Dreaming In The City of Love!”

  1. Gabrielle

    It’s so lovely to see you back to blogging! I love how you popped in here on a business trip to Paris, how idyllic; these turquoise jewellery designs are stunning – so striking in appearance, wow!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  2. Lorena

    Oh, wow – these turquoise bracelets are amazing – I had never seen anything like them. What a marvelous find.

  3. Gellie

    Those are definitely lovely accessories! I have been wearing less accessories lately and I miss wearing ’em tbh. xD